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There are many benefits in using SAF™ as the absorbent component in disposable hygiene products and it can add a high performance, yet discreet, dimension to your product offering. As a fibre, SAF™ has a very high core to surface area ratio and so it can absorb water and saline rapidly. It can also effectively absorb blood without binding to the surface and blocking further absorption.

Available in 6mm and 52mm staple lengths as standard, not only are the fibres consistent in size, they can be incorporated into fabrics with other fibres such as polyester. The fibres can be evenly distributed in the fabric, which can improve performance due to slower gel blocking of the material. In addition, no adhesive or multiple layering is required to fix the fibres in place.

SAF™ fabrics provide excellent fluid absorption and low re-wet levels, even with minimal dosing. Fabrics with lower gsm’s can also be designed to effectively lock away liquids in their core and can be incorporated into product designs as different layers to achieve desired results. These are especially beneficial in high-performing thin and ultra-thin products, where enhanced levels of absorption, softness and comfort are required, without the bulk.


Absorption component – your choice

SAF™ provides many benefits:

  • Suitability for conversion by different routes, e.g. airlaid, hot air-through and carded thermobond.
  • Improved super absorbent distribution and performance
  • Rapid absorption and high retention capacity
  • Control of absorption rate via SAF™ grade fibre blend and conversion route
  • Containment systems/adhesives not required
  • Soft, conformable and discreet product designs
  • Low basis weights achievable
  • Fabrics can be cut and shaped as required

Using SAF™ fabrics in thin and ultra-thin disposable hygiene articles can:

  • Minimise the amount of raw materials required to achieve a highly absorbent product
  • Reduce end product thickness and weights
  • Help achieve soft, discreet, conformable and breathable product designs
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