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Superabsorbents are well known for their use within hygiene applications.

There are many benefits in using SAF™ technology as the absorbent component in such products. Available as superabsorbent fibres, fabrics or yarns, SAF™ can add a high performing, yet discreet, dimension to your product offering.

SAF™ Hygiene Superabsorbents

As a fibre, SAF™ has a very high core to surface area ratio delivering rapid absorption.  SAF™ fibres can absorb water and saline rapidly and also absorb blood plasma without solids blocking the surface.

SAF™ fabrics provide excellent fluid absorption and low re-wet levels, even with minimal dosing. SAF™ fabrics with lower gsm’s can also be designed to effectively lock away liquids in their core and can be incorporated into product designs as different layers to achieve desired results. These are especially beneficial in high-performing thin and ultra-thin hygiene products where enhanced levels of absorption are required, without the bulk.

SAF™ Hygiene Superabsorbents – Fibres

  • Non-irritant and safe to handle
  • Very high core to surface area ratio and absorbs water and saline rapidly
  • Absorbs blood plasma without blood solids blocking the surface and limiting further absorption
  • Can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibres
  • Suitable for conversion by different routes, e.g. airlaid, hot air-through and carded thermo-bond
  • Reduce dusting and superabsorbent respirable particles during processing compared to powders and granules
  • No adhesive or multiple layering is required to fix the SAF™ fibres in place

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SAF™ Hygiene Superabsorbents – Fabrics

  • Soft, conformable, lightweight and designed to effectively lock away liquids in their core 
  •  Provide excellent fluid absorption and low re-wet levels
  • Slower gel blocking due to even SAF™ fibre distribution
  • No grittiness or superabsorbent gel leaching 
  • Products available for disposable and washable hygiene products 
  • Can be incorporated as layers to achieve desired results
  • Can be cut and shaped as required

Click here to view/buy trial samples of SAF™ fabrics 

Using SAF™ Fabrics in thin and ultra-thin hygiene articles can:

  • Reduce end product thickness and weights
  • Help achieve comfortable, breathable and discreet product designs


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