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18th November 2015

Give your hanging baskets a boost!

“SAF creates new possibilities for the development of fabrics that can be used as both temporary and long-term plant root watering systems, even in areas of low water availability”, explains Product Development Director Dr Mark Paterson. “Such fabrics are designed to achieve highly controlled delivery of water and nutrients to roots, whilst significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. SAF can also be dosed directly to the soil”

Basket Boosters work by absorbing and holding the necessary quantity of water which then provides an optimum moisture environment for plant growth. Using this technology can decrease overall water usage by up to 50% over the growing season and significantly reduces re-watering frequency.

“Our fabrics containing SAF are extremely robust and versatile. In this instance they offer root systems optimum water levels,” continues Dr Mark Paterson. “For a fabric that has a thickness of only 2.5mm, each basket booster has an absorbent capacity of approximately 20 gram per gram.”

Currently Basket Boosters are sold in packs of three and can be cut to size for smaller baskets. They can be bought at the Technical Absorbents online shop where linear metres of the same fabric can also be purchased. To discuss the potential for larger quantities or commercial scale projects, please email or call +44(0)1472 245200.

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