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9th June 2014

K-Sorb launches at Emergency Services Show

Having previously displayed fabric prototypes at the event in 2012 – TAL’s new K-SorbTM fabric (formally KoolSorb) has been re-worked to offer improved comfort and containment of body perspiration while maintaining the durability and washability of the original material.  K-Sorb contains the company’s patented Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) and provides unparalleled levels of absorption and retention of sweat, which in turn affords the wearer a cool, dry feeling.

“K-SorbTM has been in development for some time,” explains Technical Sales Manager Dave Hill. “2012 saw us start promoting the technology quite heavily. Feedback from the industry, potential customers and also the media was extremely positive, and the number of enquiries from potential customers continues to grow.

“As a result of this communication, we decided to go through a further development and modification process before making the fabric commercially available. Creating a washable super absorbent fabric was never going to be easy, and so gaining this understanding of the markets requirements was always going to be an integral part of the development process.”

The composite structure of the K-SorbTM material allows sweat to rapidly be absorbed from the body, providing a dry, comfortable feeling for the user.  The sweat is locked away within the highly absorbent core, reducing wet back and the wet, clammy feeling.  In addition, a water proof outer layer reduces the risk of wet back onto outer garments, keeping the rest of the user’s clothes dry and fresh.

The fabric is designed to absorb up to 10 times its own weight of sweat during use, the equivalent of 4.5l of sweat for a standard size jacket (1.5 square meters of fabric).  However the fabric is fully washable, allowing repeated use of the material.

“K-SorbTM fabric is designed to work under extreme conditions,” continues Dave, “where normal evaporation is limited or prevented – such as under heavy protective wear or within a sealed environment.  The ability of the material to absorb and retain many times its own weight in sweat, which still remaining dry to the touch, allows the user to maintain a cool, dry feeling for an extended period.

“Having had such a successful event at the Emergency Services Show a couple of years ago, we decided that it was the perfect launch-pad for K-Sorb. We will be on stand L15 and would like to meet with anyone with an interest in our technology.”

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