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27th July 2015

Technical Absorbents new needlefelt nonwoven line
Technical Absorbents new needlefelt nonwoven line

The line can produce fabrics up to 2m wide in basis weights from 130 to 1000gsm, containing as much as 80% SAF. To help protect the fibre during processing, the line is housed in a low-humidity environment.

“Initially the line will be used for Research and Development, as well as making commercial products,” says Product Development Director Dr Mark Paterson. “We are also willing to undertake short-order trial runs for potential customers where possible.

“The choice of needlefelt compared with the other nonwovens technologies, was based on a number of factors,” continues Mark. “The key growth areas for us are the medical and filtration markets and the new line is a good fit for this. As a company, we have now established our own needlefelt expertise and can call on advice from our partners as and when required. We will also continue to supply airlaid fabrics and other converted products as normal.”

TAL has regularly invested in increasing the fibre-manufacturing capacity since it began production in 1993. However, the latest investment in its own nonwoven line is the most recent indication of the company’s ongoing commitment to the supply of a growing portfolio of super absorbent product solutions.

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