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10th October 2014

Most Innovative Medium-Sized Company

Innovation is at the heart of Technical Absorbents whether it be developing its core Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) technology, finding new ways of incorporating SAFTM into converted materials – nonwovens, wovens, yarns and tapes, or working with customers to engineer converted goods that meet their specific requirements.

Best Innovation – Agrotextiles

Further to great recognition of its Type 2344 water management netting fabric at the Greentech Innovation Awards earlier in the year, Technical Absorbents decided to showcase the fabric technology again at the FM Awards.

The fabric is designed to deliver a high level of water management, to achieve optimum water availability to plant root systems. It is manufactured using Raschel warp spinning technology. The net fabric is a combination of superabsorbent yarn (SAFTM-based) and high strength polyester yarns, giving the net good handle ability and durable performance.

The fabric has an extremely high rate of water uptake and offers a precise balance between water retention, important to resist evaporation and losses through seepage, and deliverance of water to surrounding soil and plant root systems at a uniform dosage rate.

Awards ceremony

The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on 26th November in Dresden.

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