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7th April 2014

TAL to get green-fingers at Greentech

The event – which will take place between 10-12 June – has been designed to revolve around three crucial themes: water, energy and bio-based. TAL will be in hall 9 closest to the water pavilion and will be promoting its Agrotas range of SAF and converted fabrics, yarns and tapes, which allow users to achieve optimum nurturing and growth conditions whilst effectively reducing overall water usage.

TAL’s unique superabsorbent technology creates new possibilities for the development of fabrics that can be used for short and long-term solutions, from hanging basket liners to commercial scale projects, even in areas of low water availability. Such fabrics are designed to achieve highly controlled delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, whilst significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. SAF can also be dosed directly to the soil.

“We have developed a portfolio of products for this market” explains Technical Sales Manager Mr Dave Hill. “From liner fabrics to durable fabrics that can be buried below the grounds surface, our super absorbent technology offers a solution for those looking to reduce water usage or have a need to ensure plants don’t dehydrate during transportation.

“Wherever there is a requirement to manage water and nutrient delivery in a controlled and environmentally safe way, we can help devise a solution. At Greentech we will have a team of development specialist’s on-hand to introduce visitors to our technology and meet about specific projects if required."

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