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Needlefelt (Needlepunch)

We have our own development/commercial needlefelt line and can produce fabrics up to 2.0 metres wide. SAF™ can be blended with a wide range of other fibre types to produce specialist fabrics in the perfect environment. Webs containing up to 80% SAF™ can be produced at a wide range of fabric weights, typically between 150-1,000gsm. Short order trial runs can be facilitated where commercially viable.


SAF™ is routinely processed on all commercial air-laid production equipment. SAF™ short staple grades (6 mm) are typically blended with wood pulp and thermal bondable fibre. Airlaid webs within excess of 80% SAF™ content can be achieved at fabric weights of approximately 50-1,000gsm.


We have recently launched a number of new low basis weight carded fabrics, ranging from 20-80gsm. These are cost-effective thinner fabrics that still provide high levels of absorbency.

A range of our super absorbent fabrics are available to purchase in sample quantities in our shop