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SAF™ is white and odourless. It looks and handles like a textile fibre and can be easily converted into a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and spun yarns. Being fibrous, the SAF™ distribution profiles within converted fabrics is extremely uniform. The result is consistent absorption performance and media integrity throughout.

SAF™ can be produced in a range of absorbency grades, staple lengths and decitex, to suit different requirements. You can download our SAF™ range PDF here.

SAF™ facts

  • SAF™ is available in a wide range of highly absorbent grades
  • SAF™ is a non-irritant
  • SAF™ can be used in applications demanding robust toxicological profiling
  • SAF™ is FDA approved
  • SAF™ does not melt. It begins to decompose extremely slowly at temperatures >200°C
  • SAF™ fibre density is approximately 1.4g/ml
  •  SAF™ can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibres to meet customers end requirements.

Individual SAF™ datasheets can be downloaded here 

A range of our SAF™ grades are available to purchase in sample quantities in our shop