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SAF™ superabsorbent fibres are white and odourless. They look and handle like textile fibres and easily be converted into a wide range of superabsorbent nonwoven fabrics (airlaid, needlepunch, carded) and superabsorbent swellable yarns. Being fibrous, the fibre distribution profile within converted fabrics is extremely uniform. The result is consistent absorption performance and media integrity throughout.

SAF™ superabsorbent fibre facts:

  • Non-irritant and safe to handle
  • Absorbs water and saline rapidly
  • Absorbs blood effectively without blocking further absorption
  • Looks and handles like a textile fibre
  • Fibre density is 1.4g/ml
  • Can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibres. Polyester is a popular choice
  • Reduced dusting and superabsorbent respirable particles during processing compared to powders and granules
  • When converted, SAF™ superabsorbent fabrics provide consistent absorption performance and media integrity 
  • No adhesives or thermal bonding required to keep SAF™ fibres in place

SAF™ superabsorbent fibres can be produced in a range of absorbency grades, staple lengths and decitex, to suit different requirements. A range of our SAF™ grades are available to purchase in trial quantities from our online sample shop  

Please get in touch to discuss individual requirements.

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