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Superabsorbent Needlefelt Fabrics

SAF™ long staple fibre grades (52 mm) are typically blended with other synthetic fibres to manufacture superabsorbent needlefelt fabrics. Webs containing up to 80% SAF™ can be produced at a wide range of fabric weights, typically between 150-1,000gsm. Laminates and other finishes are also possible. We also manufacture a range of fabrics that are washable when protected by outer layers. 

We have our own development/commercial needlefelt line and can produce fabrics up to 2.0 metres wide. SAF™ can be blended with a wide range of other fibre types to produce specialist fabrics in the perfect environment.

Short order trial runs can be facilitated where commercially viable.

Such fabrics are suitable for a whole range of applications, incuding filtrationmedical, hygiene and pacakging

Click here to view/buy trial samples of SAF™ needlefelt fabrics.

Please get in touch to discuss individual requirements.

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