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SAF™ fibres are typically blended with other synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, cellulose and aramids to produce superabsorbent swellable yarns. These fibre blends are normally processed using the cotton and semi-worsted systems. A wide range of superabsorbent swellable yarns can be produced using common spinning technologies, including OE, Ring, Hollow Spindle, Repco, Dreft and Pavena.

To date, SAF™ superabsorbent swellable yarns have predominantly been used in the cable industry for water-blocking. However, they can be used wherever there is a need for some form of moisture management, e.g. medical, hygiene and apparel.

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Woven materials

SAF™ superabsorbent spun yarns can be incorporated into highly durable woven and netting fabric structures. These are idea for application that require a more robust superabsorbent fabric.