Airlaid Nonwoven Fabric Type 2205

Airlaid materials are well known for being soft and highly absorbent. Our airlaid nonwoven fabrics also contain our unique Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) – further enhancing absorbency performance. So, if you are searching for an airlaid product, with high levels of absorption and retention – even under load – our range of super absorbent airlaid material is the ideal choice.


Improve your products absorbency with Airlaid Nonwoven Fabric Type 2205.


  • Airlaid Nonwoven Fabric Type 2205 is a 130gsm material, highly absorbent and provides excellent levels of retention.
  • This Superabsorbent material features a green spunlace apetured laminate on both sides.
  • The fabric doesn’t need to be edge sealed or pouched.
  • Minimal dusting or shedding will be noticed during handling.

This airlaid material is ideal for use in spill capture devices or horticultural products for water management. It can also be used in a wide range of other applications that require absorbency. Our team are available to advise as to its suitability for your project if required – click here.


Our super absorbent Airlaid materials can also be used in a wide range of other applications to manage moisture, including apparel, filtration, transportation, single use period products and wound care/medical dressings.

In most cases, orders received before 16.00hrs (UK time) on Monday through Friday will be shipped the next working day.


Please note that for all shipments outside of Mainland UK, the receiver will be responsible for any import duties/taxes.

Samples starting from: £25.00

Shop prices of our airlaid nonwoven fabric type 2205 is based on trial sample sizes only and not a reflection of prices for commercial volumes. If you would like to discuss your requirements and/or commercial pricing before buying samples, please email

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Total Weight (g/m2) 130
Thickness (mm) 2.0
Absorbent Capacity 0.9% Saline (g/g) 24
Absorbent Volume 0/9% Saline (g/m2) >3,100
Absorbent Capacity DM Water (g/g) 33
Absorbent Volume DM Water (g/m2) >4,200
Technical Absorbents
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