Reusable/washable Super Absorbent Fabric Material: Type 2785

If you are looking for a reusable super absorbent material, with excellent levels of absorption and retention, our washable nonwoven fabrics are an ideal choice. This absorbent fabric material is designed for use as the absorbent core within period and incontinence pants and pads, bed wetting soaker mats, and maternity garments, e.g., breast pads.  It can also be used as the absorbent fabric layer in medical dressings. Within apparel, the fabric can be used for evaporative cooling and moisture/sweat management.

  • Our Reusable/washable Super Absorbent Fabric Material: Type 2785, is a 260gsm washable needlepunch material with top and bottom laminates.
  • It contains our High Gel Strength Fibres.
  • Highly absorbent and washable, ideal as the absorbent core in period & incontinence pads & pants.
  • Absorbents fluid quickly and locks it away leaving the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • When protected by outer layers, this fabric can be integrated within reusable absorbent products that are designed to withstand the wash/dry process.
  • The super absorbent material does require stitching between outer layers before washing to withstand the wash/dry process. This protects the super absorbent fibres and ensures that the absorbency of the final product is retained.

Improve your washable products absorbency with our Reusable/Washable Super Absorbent Fabric Material: Type 2785. This material offers high levels of absorbency and retention and can also be washed/reused.


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Total Weight (g/m2) 260
Thickness (mm) 2.0
Absorbent Capacity 0.9% Saline (g/g) 8
Absorbent Volume 0/9% Saline (g/m2) >2,000
Absorbent Capacity DM Water (g/g) 13
Absorbent Volume DM Water (g/m2) >3,300
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