With over 25 years trading history, we have earned an enviable reputation for excellence within the Fibres and Fabrics industries. In addition to our development and technical capability, our people and their professional conduct are the main reasons for this and we look to further strengthen this position over the coming years.


We enjoy an ever increasing supportive culture that embraces openness, effectiveness, creativity and customer focus. It is this culture, when combined with our values of Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Honesty and Diversity, that drives and supports our business strategy and our vision to remain the global partner of choice for the development and supply of innovative Superabsorbent Fibre & Fabric solutions.

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles by which we expect our workers to conduct their business. The Code deals with a wide variety of issues and situations relating to workplace conduct, but it is not intended to be exhaustive.


Our values are at the core of the business and the way in which we undertake our operations. We believe they demonstrate a professional and responsible company that is committed to its employees, all stakeholders and the environment. Confidential reporting procedures are in place for any stakeholders wanting to raise matters of concern.

We strive to conduct the whole of our business operations responsibly, ethically and with integrity

We empower our employees to not only take ownership and responsibility for their work but to also consider the wider issues of health, safety and the environment around the workplace. To support this, we have implemented systems to capture anything that could potentially have a negative impact so that corrective and preventative measures can be introduced. In addition, we encourage all employees to strive for waste Removal, Reduction, Reuse and/or Recycle where possible, and to ensure that all business functions are undertaken with sustainability in mind.

We demonstrate passion and drive while undertaking everyday tasks, being proactive in nature and responding positively to new challenges and opportunities.

Honesty and Respect:
We expect the highest levels of honesty and respect to be demonstrated both internally and externally to all stakeholders, including the environment.

We respect and appreciate the diversity of our employees and all are empowered and trusted to make decisions that are in our best interests. We believe a diverse workforce results in enhanced ideas and innovation – ultimately strengthening the business.

Social Responsibility:
We are respectful of our local communities, contributing to environmental protection, the creation of employment opportunities and skills development.

Conflict Materials

We do not use the so-called ‘conflict minerals’, tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, in our products.

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