Super Absorbent Period and Incontinence Fabrics

Superabsorbent Fabric cores for period and incontinence sanitary pants and pads.

Super Absorbent Period and Incontinence Fabrics: Selecting a washable or disposable SAF™ Superabsorbent Fabric for use in period/sanitary pads/pants and incontinence products provide a discrete solution that is soft, conformable and highly absorbent. This single absorbent nonwoven layer can have a huge impact on final product performance and ultimately wearer/user comfort and confidence.


Superabsorbent and Washable Nonwovens This durable range has been engineered to be washed and reused. To withstand laundering, these truly Superabsorbent Fabrics feature multiple layers, which can be tailored if required to suit specific end product designs.


Our Thermobond Nonwovens are cost-effective, thinner materials that still provide high levels of absorbency. They are lightweight, discrete, conformable, and can be manufactured with a number of layers to enhance performance.


Airlaid nonwovens are known for being soft and highly absorbent. Add our SAF™ Fibre into the blend and you have a fabric that is capable of absorbing many times its own weight in aqueous fluid and locking it away inside its core.


Needlepunch Fabrics (also referred to as Needlefelts) are exactly that – fabrics that are bonded together by needling. Needling provides a great deal of flexibility and, as a result, such fabrics can be designed to offer high levels of strength and integrity or to be soft and very loosely bonded.


Our water swellable Superabsorbent Yarns are commonly a blend of our long staple SAF™ Fibres and polyester. Other synthetic fibres such as nylon, cellulose and aramids can be used as alternatives, or in addition, to add strength and/or functionality. Upon exposure to aqueous fluid the yarns absorb rapidly.


If would like to discuss your specific absorbent requirements with a member of our team, please send us an email and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible


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