Structural Waterproofing Nonwoven Fleece Membrane

Our superabsorbent fabrics are used in the construction industry for structural waterproofing applications. Their self-healing properties give a cost-effective extra layer of protection against below grade water entry.

When adhered to an HDPE membrane, our fleece Needlepunch Fabrics – a blend of our very own Super Absorbent Fibres (SAF™) and other fibres types – are used as a Type A solution within structural waterproofing applications.

These fabrics add an extra self-healing layer of insurance against water ingress for below ground level structures, e.g. basements and underground car parks. Should the HDPE membrane be breached, the self-healing properties in the fleece results means it will swell upon contact with groundwater and block and holes. This stops any further water from entering the structure. Our fabrics are already being used in such end products that are compliant to BS8102. Furthermore the gel formed when the fabric is applied to the concrete seals the surface.

Our technology can also be used in products that need to satisfy BS 8485 to protect against the penetration of ground gases, specifically methane, CO2 and radon.


Structural Waterproofing Product Samples

Product Range

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