Truly Super Absorbent & washable fabrics for hygiene products

Unique Super Absorbent Washable Fabrics  

Browse our truly Superabsorbent Washable Fabrics below. These highly absorbent materials have been specifically designed to be washed and reused, without effecting absorbency. They are already used as the absorbent core within reusable hygiene garments, e.g. period and incontinence pads and pants, and in other absorbent products for hygiene, e.g. breast pads and bed mats. 

These reusable absorbent fabrics – all containing our Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF™) – have been engineered to provide the same excellent levels of absorbency and retention – even under load – that our single-use fabrics are known for.

Our Washable Superabsorbers are known for being soft and flexible and are capable of absorbing many times their own weight in liquid (water, saline and other aqueous fluids) and locking it away inside its core.

Our current washable superabsorbents range from between 190-450gsm. Outer laminates, e.g. a waterproof layer, can also be added to one or both sides if required.

Our Washable Absorbent Fabrics are supplied direct by us or one of our trusted global tolling partners. They are sold on rolls at widths of up to 1.95m and can be slit narrower if required. 

We have a large selection of reusable absorbent materials readily available to sample, and can develop bespoke materials if required.

You can find more about how nonwovens fabrics are made visit the EDANA website.


If would like to discuss your specific washable hygiene fabric requirements with a member of our team, please send us an email and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible


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