Fabrics Designed to Absorb and Retain. Period.

The introduction to the market of reusable period pants has created a great deal of interest in our range of washable absorbent fabrics. We were contacted by one particular company that needed to the enhance absorbency and retention of their washable garments. Having looked at a number of alternative technologies, they found that none offered the levels required for their wearers to feel the same level of confidence as when using the traditional disposable alternatives.

The fact that our fabrics actually contain a super absorbent fibre, the fabric cores want to capture liquid and lock it away quickly. This reduces any uncomfortable wet-back and resulting dampness for the wearer. Although drying the fabrics did take a little longer, the absorbency and retention trade-off far outweighed this in terms of resulting product benefits.

We continue to work with this customer, and others in this developing sector, to understand how we can enhance our future washable fabric range. We have already introduced new variants that contain less absorbent fibre. This helps improve drying while still providing class-leading absorbency and retention.

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