Superabsorbent Spill Capture

Moisture and/or spill management is a challenge faced when transporting a wide range of goods. This can be as a result of actual product leakage or in many cases the build up of condensation as goods pass through different temperatures en-route to their final destination. Without some form of absorbent, damage caused by such liquid can lead to products being rejected upon arrival. An additional absorbent layer can also protect the mode of transport.

Technical Absorbents worked with a company to protect pallets during this process. One of our superabsorbent fabrics was used as a liner to capture any liquid that escaped while the products were being shipped. The selected fabric provided rapid absorption and had a waterproof laminate to one side to prevent it leaking back out.

Supplied on rolls, our fabrics are well suited to large cargo applications but can also be chopped and shaped as required to create a liquid capture solution for smaller shipments.

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