Commercial Director Volunteers for Bloodfast

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s TAL’s Commercial Director Paul Rushton volunteering as a motorcycle rider for a specialist medical logistics company.

In his spare time, Paul helps the NHS by transporting blood, blood products, biological samples, surgical instruments, medical notes, drugs and radioactive materials for Bloodfast EVS based in Hull. Bloodfast evolved from its roots as a Blood Bike group and now has clients throughout Yorkshire and delivers and collect supplies to and from all over the UK. However, still remembering its roots continues to make free deliveries of blood and breast milk to local hospitals. The not-for-profit company operates a fleet of Police specification vehicles some of which have been converted to carry deceased bodies as it has a contract with the local coroner. This involves responding to all sorts of different scenarios 24/365 to collect bodies and take them to the mortuary, but not on the bikes!

The motorcycles are called out when something needs transporting quickly where it’s more difficult in a car, for example during rush hour. The bike might be carrying anything from medication, surgical instruments, blood or blood products and anything else that is needed that can be transported on a motorcycle. Occasionally a surgeon may need an instrument that isn’t available, and a bike can be sent anywhere in the UK to pick it up and deliver it to Theatre.

Whilst volunteering is a really good excuse to be on a motorcycle and provides a vital service to the NHS.

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