We view waste management and segregation as an opportunity to drive efficiency, environmental performance and cost effectiveness. We are guided by the waste hierarchy and expect all employees to recycle and/or reuse where possible with the focus on reducing waste production. The product lifecycle and any associated environmental impacts is also considered as part of ongoing product improvement/innovation.


We strive for zero waste to landfill by recycling materials and liaising with our customer base to reduce waste and/or identify buyers that can extract value from our byproducts’ high absorbency performance.


We have designated receptacles for specific waste items across our business and educate all employees about the importance of waste segregation in the recycling process. An annual inventory report is received so that waste items can be monitored and tracked.


We work with customers to ensure products arrive in optimum condition, while considering the impact that excess packaging has on the environment. As standard, boxes are offered as an alternative to bales, wooden pallets are utilised and all roll goods are supplied on cardboard cores. Additional wrapping requirements are discussed with each customer and are often dictated by the mode of transport and final destination. We have contracts in place for the recycling of incoming packaging materials and where possible we offer used/recycled packaging/strapping options.

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