Occupational Health and Safety is a fundamental requirement for our business and when implemented correctly delivers a safer, healthier and more sustainable workplace.


It is our responsibility to ensure both the consultation and participation of people at every level to promote a culture that strives to deliver zero injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents. We communicate this commitment via our SHE Policy and challenge all employees to report and take ownership for health and safety near misses and hazards.


The transmission of COVID-19 and its variants continues to be a global public health situation that has and will continue to create challenges for individuals, businesses, institutions and countries across the World. 

Our priority continues to be as always the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and other interested parties, whilst ensuring we continue to deliver an exceptional level of service to keep our customers’ operations running. Our ability to continue to deliver fibre/fabric is key to support global industry, including critical markets such as food packaging, healthcare and medical companies who are required to maintain critical supply chains throughout any future challenging times.

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