We are committed to ensuring any effects of our business activities on the Earth’s natural resources are monitored and managed accordingly. This is an important element of our forward strategy and future plans are in place for continual improvement.


We use water in place of organic solvents in our fibre production process. Our fabrics (including those from partners) are predominantly manufactured with a dry forming process, and as such water is not a significant natural resource in the production of those materials.

Given our manufacturing location, the water we use doesn’t originate from areas with depleted or challenged water baseline. However, we have a strong ambition to reduce our overall water consumption going forward and reuse where possible.


The operation of our UK manufacturing facility is regulated by the Environment Agency through our Environmental Permit. This includes limits and reporting requirements for gaseous, liquid effluent and solid emissions from the process. These are monitored to ensure compliance with the requirements of our permit.

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