water absorbing Yarns

Water Absorbing Yarns

Our highly technical, water absorbent yarns are inherently super absorbent. They rapidly absorb and retain water and other aqueous fluids. 

These absorbent yarns are commonly a blend of our long staple Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF™) and polyester. Other synthetic fibres such as nylon, cellulose and aramids can also be used to add additional strength and/or functionality. 

Commercially, our technical absorbent yarns are supplied on bobbins that can be sized to suit manufacturing requirements. They are lightweight and easy to onward process. 

We have a selection of absorbent yarn readily available to sample, and can develop bespoke technical yarns if required. 

Small sample cards of individual yarn types can be purchased for initial assessment. If required, a mixed sample card can be supplied instead.


If would like to discuss your specific water absorbing yarn requirements with a member of our team, please send us an email and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible


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