Introducing our New Chemical Engineer

We are delighted to welcome Michael Grimley, our new Chemical Engineer, to the business. Working for over 25-years as an Engineer in site-based and consulting roles, Michael has vast experience and expertise gained working with companies such as CIBA, PALL Filters, and Porvair. He is now looking forward to getting to know Technical Absorbents, understanding the process, and helping prepare us for the future.

“I see wealth-creating industries such as Technical Absorbents as the key to our future and making them more efficient and sustainable is an important part of this,” explains Michael. With this vision, he will be working with the Technical Team to identify and develop innovative and sustainable solutions, where continuous process improvement will be constantly implemented.

“After working here for a few weeks, I can see that Technical Absorbents is a flexible company that is committed to moving forward responsibly and efficiently. I have been impressed with the supportiveness and positive attitude of everyone across the business.”

On a more personal level, Michael considers himself a keen Engineer who enjoys Maths, but keen that work should not define him as a person. He is a keen sportsman, having regularly played rugby union, and enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with his family.

We are very excited to have Michael on board, look forward to working with him on our current and future projects and wish him all the best in his new role.

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