Your Search for a Truly Washable Super Absorbent Fabric is Over…


We understand searching for a suitable absorbent fabric for a new product can be a lengthy process. To assist, we thought it would be good to narrow down the options, should you be considering using one of our super absorbent fabrics for a particular application. We thought we’d start with our washable range and which samples (our top three) we would suggest as a starting point for any reusable period panties or pad development.

From our current range, we would always suggest sampling washable absorbent fabric type 2786. This nonwoven material is 1.5mm thick and provides excellent levels of absorbency and retention, while not being over bulky.

If you need something slightly thicker,  2780 is a good option. This washable absorbent fabric is 2.0mm with higher absorbency levels, should your product requires additional performance.

Finally, we would suggest you look at our fabric that has a Polyethylene waterproof layer to one side. 2827 is also 2mm thick and, again, a highly absorbent washable material. Using this fabric can remove one of the manufacturing steps before integrating it in the final product construction.

The above are our suggestions based on customer experience to date. We do have a wide range of other washable fabrics should you need something thicker and more absorbent, and are also in the process of a finalising our next generation of materials, which will be launched early next year. To get on the waiting list for these samples, please click here.

Don’t forget, all our washable absorbent fabrics contain our own Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) which can absorb up to 200 times its own weight in water. This is far more absorbent than alternative technologies such as micro-fibres, cotton, or bamboo. We don’t just say it, our fabrics really are some of the most absorbent you will find.

If you need any further help, our team are here to help. Simply email

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