Absorbent Fabrics for Food Packaging & Transportation

Absorbent Food Pad and Spill Capture Fabrics 

Browse our range of Airlaid Nonwoven Fabrics below. These highly absorbent fabrics all contain our Super Absorbent Fibres (SAF™) which are FDA and EFSA listed for use as an absorbent in food packaging. The Fibre is a key component in a wide range of superabsorbent fabrics, which are used in the production of food pads for retail packaging. 

Our absorbent airlaid materials are also ideal as pallet liners for large scale spill capture and moisture/condensation management during food transportation/distribution. They can also be wetted and frozen to keep goods chilled. Different layers can be added as required for additional functionality, e.g. waterproof backing.

Airlaid Nonwovens are known for being soft and highly absorbent. Add our SAF™ Fibre into the blend and you have a fabric that is capable of absorbing many times its own weight in aqueous fluid and locking it away inside its core. We can achieve Airlaid webs with up to 60% SAF™ Fibre content, between 70-1,000gsm. Laminate layers can be added to one or both sides for additional functionality.

All our Airlaid Fabrics are supplied either direct by us or one of our trusted global tolling partners. They are sold on rolls at widths of up to 0.6m and can be slit narrower if required. We have a large selection of off-the-shelf Airlaid solutions available and can also engineer bespoke fabrics where commercially viable.

You can find more about how Airlaid Products are made on the EDANA website.


If would like to discuss your specific absorbent requirements with a member of our team, please send us an email and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible

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